Sunday, February 24, 2013

Derek Karl Freiman (known Alex Torres) of Hartford, CT, Full Story coming soon.

Derek Freiman ex Special Force
Derek Freiman ex Special Force
Coming Soon: Is Derek Karl Freiman's story (known Alex Torres), he intentionally emotionally hurt & abuse a lot of innocent women. He gets them pregnant on purpose having sex without them knowing, and then abandons them!!! He is still up for this and wants to hurt more girls!!! Most of the girls will tell their story through here and other sites as well, some of them Audio .. DONT MISS!! (His alias- Alex Torres, Daniel, John)  (Lets unite to end violence against women)
Derek Freiman/Alex Torres
He is from Connecticut, ex US Special Force, now contractor working with the military. Has 6 children with at least 4 different women, doesn’t support them at all.
If you have been effected by him personally or want speak one of the victims. Email
(Here's one of his stories ttp://  
Derek Freiman